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Dr. Ben Jordan is an experienced technical leader with over 20 years of experience with Manufacturing, Engineering, Operations Management, Research and Design, and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Jordan began his career in the tier 1 automotive manufacturing industry in the late 1990’s. Dr. Jordan valued his time in automotive manufacturing and learned many manufacturing engineering skills as well as gaining personnel leadership tools.


Dr. Jordan began his career in the nuclear industry in 2003 with USEC, Inc. upon graduating from the University of Tennessee where he earned a Master of Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration. During his nuclear career Dr. Jordan has welcomed steadily increasing technical, leadership, and business responsibility. In his first nuclear industry leadership role Dr. Jordan led the manufacturing organization that built and delivered the necessary hardware to allow the first US technology uranium enrichment centrifuge to be operated in over 20 years. Dr. Jordan’s next technical leadership opportunity allowed him to serve as an authorized design authority for the American Centrifuge machines during his tenure as the Design Engineering and Analysis Manager for USEC’s American Centrifuge Program.


Dr. Jordan’s most challenging role has been as the Facility Operations Manager where he was responsible USEC’s K-1600 Demonstration Facility. In this role Dr. Jordan was responsible for the demonstration and testing of prototype centrifuge machines. His team consisted of over 100 employees ranging from engineers to laborers. The facility and personnel that Dr. Jordan led operated 24/7 under a DOE auditable safety analysis for UF6 testing operations. The K-1600 Demonstration Facility performed high consequence testing of centrifuge machines and was itself quite complex including UF6 process gas feed and withdrawal systems, process gas piping and valving, a range of high vacuum systems, tempered water systems and backups, tiered redundant compressed air and electrical generation systems, mass spectrometry equipment, as well as high speed data acquisition and control systems. Dr. Jordan’s leadership and technical background was well-suited for this role. It was in this role where Dr. Jordan first observed the impact of the reliance on mass spectrometry equipment for assay measurement which influenced his future PhD research.


Dr. Jordan had obtained knowledge and exposure to the business considerations and relationships affecting Centrus (formerly USEC) and this segued into his current role as the Business Development Manager for Centrus. The business development role permitted Dr. Jordan to leverage the industry experience he had gained, with his business and entrepreneurial background to look for new opportunities for Centrus to explore. In addition, this role provided the opportunity for Dr. Jordan to obtain a nuclear engineering PhD.




Dr. Jordan is a co-inventor of the technology described in Utility Patent 6,864,786. He was President of the company that commercialized this technology for providing deceleration sensitive flashing brake light bulbs.



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Centrus Energy Corp. is a trusted supplier of enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants in the United States and around the world.  Centrus is advancing the next generation of centrifuge technologies so that America can restore its domestic uranium enrichment capacity. Our mission is to provide reliable and competitive fuel goods and services to meet the needs of our customers, consistent with the highest levels of integrity, safety, and security.

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