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Engineering Design

Providing full facility design services with expertise in nuclear and mechanical processes

Nuclear Equipment Research and Development

Proven leadership experience in the development of few-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind technologies

Nuclear Equipment Design and Fabrication

Proud history of partnerships with multiple fabricators, which allows us to provide optimum delivery models

Program Management

Driving organizational change by enabling agile transformations

Project Integrator

Leading provider of project integration and engineering design services, specializing in the design and build of complex nuclear-related processes

Lifecycle Systems Engineering

Yielding significantly better assessments of a project’s long-term cost-effectiveness than alternative economic methods

Following the DOE 413.3 guide for cost estimating, utilizing a five-level system of cost estimate classifications

Operations and Maintenance

Delivering the resources, materials, and equipment necessary to maximize value, safety, and efficiency throughout the asset lifecycle

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Engineering Equipment

Proven track record of taking ideas from laboratory curiosities to innovative commercial products

Air Pollution Control

Offering start to finish APC capabilities providing holistic support, engineering,, and program management services. 

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