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Leaders Who Care

Harbans Singla
Founder, Owner, and Board Chairman

Mr. Singla co-founded the company in 1994, was its President and CEO for 12 years, and has served on the Board of Directors since its founding.

Harbans’ training as a Mechanical Engineer quickly evolved to project management, where he shined in running projects efficiently. His success is due to his focus on customers and employees in parallel; treating these as equally important is what has made it work. He has maintained a special interest in helping create jobs in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Harbans has been involved in a number of charities and has worked hard to help reduce illiteracy in his native country of India.

"We are gifted – we’ve been given so much, we should use that to create jobs and help others."

John Jones
Founder, Owner, and Board Secretary

Mr. Jones co-founded the company in 1994, has been the Secretary of the Board since 1997, and has served on the Board of Directors for over 13 years.

John’s passion for engineering have been rewarded by assignments to projects related to the development and design of Space Nuclear Power, both diffusion and centrifuge enrichment of UF6, development of superconducting coils for Tokamak Reactors, Lithium Process Replacement, development of Microwave High-Purity Metal Melter, and Corporate Management of MS Technology.

John enjoys wood working shop projects and building homes with Habitat for Humanity.

"We founded this company on the basis that if we, as a company and individuals, did what we said we would do, when we said we would do it, and within the allocated funds available, we could be successful."

Mike Smith
Owner and Board Member

Dr. Smith served as the President of MSTI for 7 years, from 2007 until his retirement in 2013. During this time, the company flourished. It grew profitably to nearly 6 times its 2007 size while receiving recognition by the Knoxville Business Journal as the second largest engineering consulting firm in the Knoxville area. During this time, the company won numerous awards, including Technology Company of the year and an Award of Excellence by the Small Business Administration.

Mike has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2007 and remains active in the company serving as its Chief Technology Officer focused on the development of Engineered Equipment.

"Great people are the most important part of any business. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with the wonderful employees of our company. It is their dedication and hard work that has allowed us to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations."

Richard Pearson
Owner and Board Member

Mr. Pearson joined the company in 2007 as VP of Engineering Projects. He has served on the Board of Directors for 14 years.


Richard spent over 40 years assisting private and government clients solve problems and achieve competitive advantage. This included 20 years  of executive leadership with engineering and construction companies.

Randy Inklebarger
Owner, Board Member, and CEO

Mr. Inklebarger joined the company in 2014 and currently serves as CEO. He has served on the Board of Directors since 2019.

The relationships and personal achievements that Randy cherishes are directly tied to the major projects he was able to support. First, three expansion projects for the Oak Ridge Boeing Plant; MSTI is currently performing modifications to drawings Randy stamped over 30 years ago. Second, structural work on the Boeing Spares Distribution Center in Seattle. Third, the Alcoa Flat Rolled Products Expansion in Bohai, China.

Outside of work, Randy enjoys golf, biking, and his grandkids.

"Having had the privilege to work with many great leaders during my career, I feel strongly about investing in the development of the future generation of A&E consulting leadership."

Brenda Dillard
Board of Director Advisor

Ms. Dillard has served the company as business development consultant since 2016. She joined the Board of Directors in 2021.

Brenda’s career spans over 30 years in program management, leadership, auditing, and client relations. She is currently a Program Manager leading a team of security professionals for multiple National Aeronautics and Space Administration sites. She worked with B&W Y-12 for almost 6 years prior to serving the National Nuclear Security Administration as liaison between the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment and the US Nuclear Weapons production plants.

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