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Internships In Industry (I3)

MS Technology is pleased to partner with East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC) on their newest initiative, Internships In Industry (I3), which is an ETEC-led partnership with schools, students, and companies to bridge the gap between the classroom and experience through internships. 

What Students Get

  • Career and technical education credit at the high school level and valuable experience in your industry that can influence future college and career paths.

  • This will also count toward the new State of Tennessee Industry 4.0 diploma distinction.


  • The commitment is 18 weeks, which is one semester, but there may be some flexibility. 

  • Please contact your high school for more information.

Who to Contact

Oak Ridge Schools

Dr. Holly Cross, Supervisor of Career & Technical Education

1450 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 | (865) 425-9557

Anderson County Schools

Kelly Myers, Director of Career & Technical Education

101 S. Main Street, Clinton, TN 37716 | (865) 463-2800 |

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