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Requirements Management

  • MS Technology has a comprehensive Systems Engineering (SE) program built on International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) standards for improving project performance in:

    • Quality

    • Cost

    • Schedule​​​

  • MS Technology establishes the framework for successful implementation in the Systems Engineering Requirements Plan (SEMP) and provides discipline in requirements through a Requirements Engineering Management Plan (REMP).​

  • MS Technology SE experts assure Truth of Data through rigorous use of tools such as IBM DOORS Next-Gen.​

Requirements Access 

  • Desktop  interface allows oversight engineers easy access to requirements

  • Searchable, with logic for quick compliance analysis

  • Facilitates requirements compliance through all project phases

Requirements management is best implemented within a robust digital management system where requirements are readily available to the engineers, buyers, and builders responsible for delivering compliant products through all steps of a project.

Project Planning

  • MS Technology Systems Engineers:

    • Create Functional and Operational Requirements prior to implementing design.

    •  Document Systems Requirements  to ensure a practical, robust solution.

    • Establish draft concepts,  bills of materials, and cost estimates that are mapped to the project requirements.

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